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Having worked closely with Chris on numerous occasions, I can absolutely confirm that he is one of the finest television Directors in the world today.

'Rob Wade'

 The show had an extremely demanding schedule recording two episodes per day with the restrictions of minor work hours, but Chris was incredibly adept at keeping everything running smoothly and on time. 

 'Casey Patterson' 

 Chris has accrued a remarkable record of achievements. It is no easy task to direct multiple cameras on a complex TV show, where  often there is only one opportunity to get the take right. Chris never disappoints and I am always confident in leaving my productions in  his very capable hands. 

 'Stacey Thomas' 

 Chris will continue to be an invaluable member of the US creative community as he  is one of the most popular and prominent figures in the business. 

 'Georgie Hurford-Jones' 

 His original contributions to these successful shows cannot be disputed. I can unequivocally  state that he is a Director of extraordinary ability and is a truly unique talent. 

 'Richard Cowles' 

BAFTA Mask.png

He brought with him an exceptional skill-set and is always

enthusiastically welcomed wherever he goes.

Chris’ outstanding record of achievement speaks for itself.

'Kalpna Patel-Knight'

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